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Compact Archive Racking System

Compact Archive Racking System is a mobile racking system designed to store files and similar products, allowing maximum use of your available archive area by using only a single aisle.

With the use of Compact archive racking system, direct access to each file is possible. Compact archive racking consists of units mounted onto bases fitted with wheels. The bases move on tracks mounted on the floor. The movement of the rack cabinet is provided in the middle of each row by turning the steering arm.

With minor modifications and additional accessory, these racks can also be used for the storage of different products


  • High degree of space saving
  • Ergonomic and simple to use
  • Only a single corridor is needed
  • Safe and fast operation possibility
kompakt-arsiv-rafi-6 kompakt-arsiv-rafi-5 kompakt-arsiv-rafi-4 kompakt-arsiv-rafi-3 kompakt-arsiv-rafi-2 kompakt-arsiv-rafi-1